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mandag den 28. februar 2011

Home sweet home!

So guys - finally home!
I dont hope you have missed me too much !
I have missed you guys ! :-P
It was a pretty nice and cold trip(down to minus 32 degrees!)
The Norwegian mountains was great to drive on!

   - Cya guys on the next blog!

- And some nice classic music!:-D

fredag den 18. februar 2011


Hi guys!
I will be off for the next week! :-(  (maybe..)
I will go to the cold Norway in Hemsedal.. :-D
I love skiing so I think it will be pretty awesome!

These guys are pretty nice to skiing... But not better than me ofc!!;-)

I hope you will get a nice holiday to if you have it... I will tell you about my trip sooner when I get home

- See you guys! :-D

onsdag den 16. februar 2011

Epic dance !

This guy is just awesome..
It's cool he dares to expose himself on that way.. :-D

And the music is pretty nice too... :-D

Post some nice music too... That could be awesome too - 
Cya guys.

mandag den 14. februar 2011

Valentins day

Valentinsday are bullshit.
Its made for money...
I would rather buy a motorcycle insurance in michigan.....

Fuck that, im out... I will make a better post next time, lol...

And what song is your favorite? Put an youtube link in or something.. :-D


søndag den 13. februar 2011

100 Readers

It's just amazing guys!
100 readers already!? :-D
Love you guys!! :-D

But a little about my day!!
Today have I done..... Anything...  Pretty boring.. :-P

And as a thanks - will I give you a little fight...

 DONT fuck with Russian Security Guards.... :-D

Thanks for watching, cya next time ;-)

lørdag den 12. februar 2011

Random on a boring saturday

Music is always a good thing when you are bored and have nothing to do on a saturday night...
This song from Lil Wayne are super, super cool!
It just suck that the half of the track are censored... :-(

I just saw this clip on youtube


 Pretty good clapper, huh?

But I dont have more for this time  - see you guys! :-D

fredag den 11. februar 2011

Good summer times

"I'll bring a box, with suger, to put you in" lol? :-D

But I love the song, it reminds me of the last summer in Spain - driving in our BMW M6 Convertible with this song at full blast...(It was a big summer hit in Spain) Good times !! :-D

I ****ing miss summer !!! :-D

Dada Life!

I love this band.... :-D

And especially this song <3

BlogSpot start

Hello guys!
It's the first time I try blogging - so be nice !! ;-)
My name is Michell and i live in Denmark.
Denmark is a pretty nice country, so fuck haters
I will update my blog so often as i can